Stop Drivetrain Problems Before They Start

Get complete drivetrain maintenance in Richland, WA

Your car's drivetrain is essentially what drives the entire vehicle. It involves the engine, wheels and everything else your car or truck uses to move. This makes it a complicated and vital part of your car's routine maintenance checks. When was the last time a mechanic took a look at your vehicle's drivetrain?

To set up a drivetrain maintenance appointment in Richland, WA, reach out to American Transmission Inc. now.

What to expect from your drivetrain inspection

Routine drivetrain maintenance can prevent a slew of problems, including poor acceleration, leaking gear oil and an overheated engine.

Your drivetrain inspection at American Transmission will include the...

  • Transfer case
  • Driveline
  • Cooler lines
  • Differential
  • Transmission

We'll change out your vehicle's gear oil and transmission fluid, too.

American Transmission services most makes and models. Call 509-628-1500 today to talk to a mechanic in Richland, WA about your drivetrain inspection.