Keep Your Wheels Rolling Smoothly

Set up a differential inspection in Richland, WA

Your car's differential makes it possible for the wheels to rotate at slightly different speeds. This is essential for smooth turns, when the outside wheel needs to move faster than the inside wheel. If your car is having trouble turning, you need to set up a differential inspection fast.

If there's a problem with this system, you could notice inconsistent handling, grinding noises and tire damage. American Transmission Inc. offers a comprehensive differential inspection at our Richland, WA location.

Don't postpone an wheel bearing replacement

If you suspect you need an wheel bearing replacement, you can't afford to wait. Bring your vehicle into our auto shop if...

  • You hear loud grinding noises
  • Your brake pads wear unevenly
  • Your wheels feel wobbly

Postponing this vital repair could cause the affected wheel to seize up, leading to a serious car accident. American Transmission works with cars of all makes and models. Call 509-628-1500 today to set up a traction unit or auto bearing replacement in Richland, WA.